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Roy Simpson
Roy Simpson designed a range of novelty teapots and ceramics for J Luber, which have become collector's items.

©Roy Simpson.

Ballroom dancers
Jessie Eckel
Calligraphy has been a popular theme for surface pattern. Here Jessie Eckel's designs used on storage jars, coffee cups and pasta dishes.
See ©Jessie Eckel.

Dinnerware design and children's ranges for Oneida/Viners and their own-brand clients.
Our team call on different skills to develop and present ranges, here Geraldine has used computer aided design to produce a vase visual.
©Geraldine Millett

Surface pattern for tableware remains important, often co-ordinating with other table top ranges such as mats and glassware.
©Jane Jones

Petra Tilly
©Petra Tilly creates wonderful imagery using glazes, the finished pieces sell in galleries and are prized by collectors.
Right ©Julie Lavender.

Best of British Mug
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Copyright ©2017
Vicki Thomas Associates
All rights reserved

Art Nouveau
We work closely with retail buyers for example right Steve's Gappy's range for Tesco and left
Leonie Sharrock's figurines for BHS.

Tesco China