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Brand development is central to our work. Graphic elements form the underlying style of any range or property.
Left Licensing Branding by Isobel Bushell for HS1.

Come Dine
Developing a brand for today's market based on archival sources needs research and an understanding of what appeals today. ©The Quilters' Guild.
Jessie Eckel
Calligraphy has a personal and hand made touch. Jessie Eckel and John Bushell have used calligraphy for a wide range projects.
See ©Jessie Eckel.
We are asked to work with initial ideas presented by clients and revitalise properties. Right © Cristina Girl
Cristina Girl Logo
Packaging commissions often lead to branding work. Recent projects have included games and craft products as well as gift ranges.

©Isobel Bushell

Eurotins Logo
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Type and words are key to expressing and communicating.
Right © Julie Lavender