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The Consultancy has always been involved in designs for children and play. Play is seen as a creative prpcess that benefits us all.
Little Folk Bean Bag Range
We were asked to design a range of bean bag toys for Little Folk by The Design Council under the Government's Design Initiative.
Vicki Thomas was involved in curating two exhibitions about the creative benefits of play. All Work and No Play with the University of Northampton.
All Play
Colouring and activtiy books are alwsys fun. Rachel B Stevens created Jack in Box for a school stationery supplier extending into children's products
Rachel B. Stevens
Vicki's research show cased Northampton as the UK toy town, this was marked by an exhibition at the Guildhall Museum in 2014.
VTA at All Play
Packaging commissions often lead to branding work. Recent projects have included games and craft products as well as gift ranges.

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Board Game
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Clinton Banbury
Clinton Banbury and Sally Felton are working on children's products with his characters.
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