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UNDER CONSTRUCTION In 2015 it was 30 years since Vicki Thomas Associates started trading. Preparing for the Spring Fair it seemed a great idea to rough out a history of the consultancy since 1985. The image is made up on one project representing each five year period of designing.

Starting from the left

1985 Irene Lamont's Windsor Rose design for Engelfields, then a Pewter manufacturer in London

1990 Roy Simpson's novelty teapots for J. Luber in Switzerland.

1995 Rachel B Stevens' Jack in the Box character licensed to Hestair Hope for stationery, toys and prams.

2000 Cupcakes design by Jessie Eckel created for greetings cards and then produced on a range of ceramics and tin ware

2005 Julie Lavender created design for tableware and kitchen textiles

2010 Vicki Thomas and team developed vintage properties such as Bonzo

Vicki also wrote "The Last Word" for Art Buyer's magazine reflecting on the changes in the gift market for art and design.
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30th Celebration Banner

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