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Utensils Range
We have undertaken a wide variety of textile commissions. Much our own collections suit products such as kitchen textiles, cosmetic bags and children's bedding.
©Jessie Eckel

Fish 1994
Toiletry Bags
Julie Robson produces designs for fashion and furnishing fabrics.
Left - Katrina -Shelbach & Whiting
©Juliet Robson

Above Quilters' Guild can understake commissions and provide expert advice.

Left Grape repeat created by Steve Gappy
When we are asked to develop story boards for ranges Julie Lavender is often involved. Here the client was asking us to develop new textiles for pushchairs.
Pram Textiles
Julie's eye for colour has made her work popular with interior designers and her prints are being adapted fot textile ranges
©Julie Lavender

Meadow Flowers
Embroidery,applique have been in demand in the last few years and Julie Quinn has created a range of popular motifs.
©Julie Quinn

Ribbons have been popular and we have used them to create images and produced designs for printed ribbon.
©Vicki Battle
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Rachel Stevens has created pattern and placement prints for a clothing and gift products.
Left a T-shirt design for the VS0. Right- A best selling cosmetic purse design
©Rachel B. Stevens

Girls design